Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Project Mayhem is coming.You have been warned.

We are coming soon....readers beware.


salarsenッ said...

I'm posting this on YAlitchat!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds so awesome! Dee's book sounds great and so happy to see another MG blog! There are so few!

Good luck and I will share around!

Jen said...

A big shout-out to Rose for letting us know about this awesome new blog!

Messy mommy said...

I always get confused as to how the ages get broken down. What age range and "word count" is MG?

Jenny Rose Creatively Loving Kids

deegarretson said...

Good question, Jenny! Traditionally, MG used to be recommended for 9 to 12-year-olds, but the age range is often expanded now to 8 to 12 or 9 to 13.

MG for the lower age range can run 25,000 to 30,000 words, while the upper can go very long, like some of the Harry Potter books. There's everything in between as well. and

To add even more choices, there are some MG books with a lower word count but a content more appealing to older kids for the more reluctant readers who aren't ready or willing to tackle a longer book. Hmmm...maybe we should do a longer post on this. Thanks for the question

Project Mayhem said...

Hey! Sneaky Dee beat me to the punch!!! :)
Like Dee says, length varies, my novel is for ages 10-14 and it's around 80K or 260 pages.

Messy mommy said...

Thanks for the info. Hmm, I guess I might have a middle grade novel in the works (age 8-12; was 10K, but my main character asked for more action so ...)

I also have an 8yo so I was thinking I would stalk, I mean follow this to check out books she might enjoy. She is currently on a horse/pony kick.