If you or your publisher would like your book reviewed by one of us, drop us a line! Right now we are currently reviewing middle-grade fiction from traditional publishers, preferably those which are recently published or soon will be. We accept ARC's as well as hardcover and paperback books--no e-books or loose manuscripts please. 

Please note: We do consider indie authors, but only by team member referral. We believe a good book is a good book no matter how it's published! We have this policy to keep down the number of review submissions we receive to a manageable number. 

If you have a particular Project Mayhem Team Member you'd like to review your book let us know, but we can't always guarantee that person will be available to review.

We are a busy group and cannot always respond to review requests. If you have not heard back from us within two weeks of submission we do not have the bandwidth to review; it's not that we don't like your book! :)

Please click here for the Project Mayhem Email Address.

Please include the following with your initial email:
1. Your Name
2. Book Title
3. Publisher
4. Pub Date
5. Age Level
6. Brief intro about you and your awesome book!