Monday, January 24, 2011

WE WANT YOU! Project Mayhem open to new members!

Hello ALL! PROJECT MAYHEM is currently seeking two new middle-grade writers to join TEAM MAYHEM!

Team Mayhem Requirements:
1.Traditionally published middle-grade novel OR agented middle-grade writer, who is not yet published OR established middle-grade book reviewer who has a positive edge.
2.Great attitude (no snarkers, please!)
3.Ability to write at least 2 posts a month.
4.Keeping up with post deadlines
5.Writing useful posts on the writing process, publishing process, book reviews, etc
6.Major love of middle-grade literature!
7.Not necessary, but preferred: Snazzy dresser! ;)

We are super excited to welcome 2 new members who will help us spread the word about Project Mayhem and all the wonderful middle-grade literature the world has to offer.

Please send the following to
1. Name
2. Blog and/or website link
3. List of published work if applicable
4. Agent name/house if applicable
5. Tell us some cool things about you!
6. What's your top 3 middle-grade novels
7. Why do you want to join Project Mayhem?

Submissions will remain open until February 14th and new members will be contacted the following week and announced on the blog! New members will be decided collectively by current Project Mayhem Team Members.

Please share this link and help us spread the word!!!!


  1. Dang. I never get dressed in the morning. I guess I won't work out.

  2. Phillip Simon1/24/11, 3:07 PM

    Oh, totally cool! Going to send this to my friend! She'd be perfect!

  3. Awesome, Phillip!! Thanks so much!

  4. Oh, I'm so "applying." As soon as I get a spare moment you can expect my official application. And perhaps by then my book will be sold (hearing we're very close). Thanks.

  5. Hooray! Michael, what great news! You must be dying to hear!!!

    Matt, a naked blogger might be interesting!

  6. So glad you're expanding! I'll Facebook you.

  7. Hil- it's MG, so I think a naked blogger would be out-of-bounds? lol


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