Thursday, July 19, 2018


I’ve been collaborating on a children’s book with a friend of mine for the last six months.  I’m the writer.  He’s the illustrator.  Initially we were in a good groove, meeting once a week for a two-hour session.  We have the advantage of living one mile apart.  Then we both got busy, our momentum waned and the project stalled halfway to the finish line. 

It remained stuck there for several months, a book fraught with potential that might never be completed.  We met at a coffee shop to discuss our dilemma.  Due to escalating responsibilities, we no longer had two hours per week to devote to the project.  We didn’t even have an hour.  My friend suggested that we try shorter sessions, with a twenty-minute minimum.  We did just that. 

I’m happy to report that the book is almost done.  We found our groove again through a series of short bursts.  I highly recommend short bursts, not just for collaborations, but for writing on your own as well.  We’d all love to have three hours each day to write.  For most of us, that simply isn’t viable.  You’d be amazed by what you can accomplish in twenty minutes.  If nothing else, you will keep the pulse of your book alive.  That, by itself, is a grand achievement.

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