Friday, April 8, 2011

A Ten-Year-Old's Wish List

My son's birthday was last week. Months ago he wrote up a wish list and stuck it on the fridge. And while it includes requests for the following:

821,265,000,000 dogs!
2 cats!
a million "Vinnila"Cokes
an Elvis wig 
and (I'm not making this up) new siblings named Sam the Horse, Spike, Pedro, and Lily,

there were also a number of books included:

Hank the Cow Dog #57: The Disappearance of Drover -- not available until mid-April
The Disappearence of Drover #57 (Hank the Cowdog)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #6  -- next installment in this series (not yet available)

NERDS #3 -- next installment in this series (though -- you guessed it! -- not yet available)
Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat #3 -- not available until July

My son has had to make do with a few book promises and the puppy he already has. 

What series are popular with children you know?


  1. I forgot to mention Big Nate #3, also not available until mid-April.

  2. My 7-year-old has recently devoured the Franny K. Stein books. They are so quirky and bizarre but I've really enjoyed reading some with her. They're quick reads so I think they make the kid feel like they've accomplished something. Really fun illustrations too. A good pick for reluctant and beginning readers.

  3. My kids (8 and 5) and I have just discovered and are loving the Jon Sczieska Time Warp Trio series. Any book that can get a belly laugh from all three of us at the same time gets 100 stars!

  4. Liesl, those Franny books were popular with my fourth-graders back in my teaching days.

    Julie, we have a couple of the Time Warp books and have checked out others.

    I just thought of an author we love to listen to while on road trips: Daniel Pinkwater. He's hilarious, his characters are a hoot, and the stories deal with the utterly bizarre -- like six-foot chickens named Henrietta.

  5. There are so many books my students love to read, but to highlight a few...
    Boys: Pendragon series (MacHale), Alex Rider series (Horowitz), Cirque du Freak series (Shan), Percy Jackson series (Riordan), Maze Runner (Dashner), and Mike Lupica's sports books.
    Girls: Clique series (Harrison), Mortal Instruments series (Clare), Twilight series (Meyer), and Gallagher Girls series (Carter).
    Both: Hunger Games series.

  6. I'm hoping that someone buys me some more Wimpy Kid books for Mother's Day. They are laugh out loud funny (but really quick reads).

  7. Aren't they fun? I've been known to force innocent children into discussing Wimpy Kid with me.

  8. What an awesome list!

    I've heard younger readers talk the most about: the Eragon series, Hank the Cowdog, the Warriors (and the Seekers), and the Ranger's Apprentice books.

    In our house we're still on endless repeats of Frog and Toad and the Berenstein Bears. ha!

    Happy birthday to your boy!

  9. Marissa, we still quote Frog and Toad around here!

  10. I can't believe I missed this post when it went up. I love the list! The two series my daughter loves are The Sisters Eight by Lauren Baratz-Logsted and the Goddess Girls series by Joan Holub (yes, daughter is at the stage where boys are uninteresting, even in books).

    Now I'm really curious-Why the Elvis wig?

  11. He and his brother love to perform.


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