Friday, May 27, 2011

Tell us about yourself and your summer goals (if any!)

It’s great Project Mayhem has so many readers and followers, and being the nosy writers we are, we’re curious about who you are. Sometimes I think blogging is unnatural for writers. Most of us are more interested in other people’s lives than we are in our own. If we weren’t, I’m not sure we’d spend so much time making up characters. The good part about blogging is it allows connections between people who would otherwise never meet. So please tell us a little about yourselves. I’ll give you a prompt you can follow if you like, otherwise, any info. would be great. I hope other Project Mayhemers jump in as well.

What state do you live in?
Favorite hobby?
Real life job?
Summer plans or goals?

Here’s mine:
What state do you live in? Ohio
Favorite hobby? Reading and gardening
Real life job? Writer, mom, kid chauffeur
Summer plans or goals? Road trip to Pennsylvania, catch up on reading, practice drawing (a long-term goal)

~ Dee Garretson


  1. I live in the Province of Ontario, near Toronto. I'm a teacher and writer.

    Favourite hobbies? Hmmm. Working in my garden, working on kids scrapbooks, cooking up new recipes. I read too, but it feels like more than a hobby, it's a necessity.

    My summer goal is to rewrite one of my novels and start querying another.

  2. I live in Denver Colorado. I love random dance parties with my 4 girls, hanging poolside, and science.

    My summer goal is to finish another WIP so I can query in September. Plans? Celebrating 14 year anniversary with my husband in Austria.

  3. State: Illinois (Chicago)
    Favorite hobby: Lately it's running
    Real life job: Tech Writer (biotech)
    Summer plans/goals:
    1. Finish MS#2 and get to critique friends
    2. Take vacation to Alaska :)
    3. Run 10 mile race (tomorrow!)

  4. I think this blog is fantastic.

    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the flattest, dullest city in all of Canada.

    My favourite hobby would have to be baking and cooking. With some hockey mixed in (Canadian, duh :P).

    I work as a communications officer for a shopping centre.

    My goal is to finish my third middle grade book and cross my fingers that three time's a charm!

  5. Oh, that pool looks beyond refreshing! I won't be getting much pool time. I have a deadline for upcoming book and a short story too! Plus, I'm in a mad dash with another project! I wilt in the sun anyway! ;)

  6. This is great! I love that everybody's summer goal includes finishing a book. Ha!

    Count me in that club. I'm aiming to have the first draft of STORYKING done by July and then try and start a new project that's been wiggling away in the back of my mind.

    I live in the Seattle area. My "real" job is running after our three boys - ha! My favorite hobby: reading, wasting time watching movies/tv online - ha!, baking, and hiking.

  7. Location: upstate NY.
    Real life job: English teacher.
    Hobby: Hanging with my baby boy.
    Summer Goal: Find a nice home for my debut MG (in other words, get a book deal). Finish a new project I started recently, and then find a home for that.

  8. Look at all the Canadians we have here! :D

    State: N/A. Province? Ontario. ;)
    Hobby: horseback riding and messin' around in HTML.
    Real life job: Um, I'm a student, but I do have a part-time job copy-editing and reviewing.
    Summer plans/goals: Develop my YA (I know, I'm such a traitor) novel idea and grow all three blogs of mine. (I don't even know how I keep up.) Oh, and graduate my freshman year of high school. :D

  9. State: Right now, Utah. In July going back to Illinois (Chicago)
    Hobby: Hmmm...all hobby time is sucked into reading and writing, but one day I hope to pick up the guitar.
    Real life job: Mother, writer
    Summer plans/goals: Get current project on submission with agent, draft the next book


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