Monday, June 27, 2011

Recycling Old Manuscripts, Rose-Family Style

Cut in half.

Rustle up some silly kids.

Spread out on the kitchen table.

Set up a chart.

Number your pages.

Create a Choose Your Own Adventure Story.

(Ours is called THE BLACK DOOM and includes a haunted castle with a parking lot, an eyeless lifeguard [who later gets olives as eyes], lots of gorillas, a pool full of raspberry Jello, and an annual haunted castle pizza party).




  1. This looks awesome. I want a copy.

  2. Very cool book!!

  3. Fun stuff for the kids--something I bet they'll always remember!

  4. Aw I love Choose Your Own Adventures. :D

  5. Newer additions to our series include THE JANITOR'S CLOSET (with mops, M&Ms, a smelly baseball shirt, and Batman) and IN THE DESERT (with snakes, time travel, and characters who go "bazookas" a lot).

  6. I LOVE this! And can't wait to do stuff like this when the boys are older. My oldest, who is 4 now, has been watching me write like mad on my WIP. Some days he'll take scraps of paper, draw little illustrations on them, staple them together and tell me he's working on Book 11 (or whatever). It just makes me so proud. I love the idea of working on a story TOGETHER. So sweet.

  7. I am in love with this post, Caroline!

  8. Hey that is very ...
    A) You choose create and are very happy
    B) you choose artistic and wonder what he really meant
    C) you choose visionary and wonder why he hadn't said it sooner.

  9. That is SO cute! I actually have my old MS in the scrap pile, and my sister told me that every time she uses a page, she reads it first. :D

  10. Its very simple and perfect look above one. Most of the people memories her childhood days. I eager to waiting for your next topic.


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