Friday, November 25, 2011

Everyday Heroes

Yep, that pretty much sums up a cold snap.

A couple weeks ago the temperature dipped to 40 below. Yeah, our first cold snap of the season came early and broke a bunch of low temperature records.

I love exercising outside. I’ve been running and biking at forty below and colder, but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to get out the door when it is that cold. I had to do something, so I decided to go for a short walk.

I’d been walking for about ten minutes when I heard footsteps behind me. It was my neighbor. My eighty-two year-old neighbor. Running.

He doesn’t run fast, and he’s always a little hunched over, but he runs every day. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold or snowy or rainy it is—he runs.

We’ve exchanged a few words over the eleven years I’ve lived in the neighborhood, but mostly we just wave at each other. I know he started running relatively late in life, after being very ill.

A day rarely passes when I don’t think about him. He’s an everyday hero who inspires me to keep pushing myself in all areas of my life. I’ve told all my friends and family, near and far, about him.

Even though I barely know him, I am thankful that he's in my life. 

Do you have any everyday heroes in your life who rock your world?

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I shivered reading this (although that pic with the snow looks lovely, I am pretty much a lover of warmth.)

    I think my everyday hero is the 80-something woman who "runs" my critique group. Her mind is as sharp as a whip--she's currently writing a book trying to explain relativity to middle schoolers. Sometimes we have to laugh, though: the word "wedgie" was not in her vocabulary.

  2. Wow, Michael! She sounds amazing!!

  3. I had this student with a rare disease that limits his growth (kind of like Freak from FREAK THE MIGHTY). He's the coolest kid ever, and appreciative of everything. He's my everyday hero.

  4. Wow! My everyday heroes are my family. The hubby, the kids, the in-laws. They inspire me, make me proud and keep me a shuffling along in the 40 belows! (literally and figuratively).

    Our cold snap came...then went away. It was supposed to return a couple of days ago but has yet to make an appearance.

    Thanks for sharing your hero!

  5. Lol, guess I don't have any excuse to not go on *my* run today. And considering all the pumpkin pie I've eaten in the past two days, an extra-long run might not be a bad idea...

  6. What a great story and a beautiful photo. That man is now MY inspiration to run today.

  7. Wow! What an inspiring example...and a gorgeous photo. Wish I lived in your neighborhood - haha!

    Probably because I'm the mother of three small children, but I admire parents who have successfully raised their children to adulthood. The day-in, day-out faithfulness to be present in your kids lives and teach them what they need to know - whew! Anyone who's made it to the other side is my hero!

  8. My husband and my kids are my heroes! I'm very lucky to have them. They keep me going strong for sure. Excellent post, Paul! :)

  9. There's a guy in my neighborhood who is always going out of his way to set things up for all the kids that live around us. I'm not sure he's as impressive as your neighbor, Paul, but he's pretty cool.

  10. Really cool how one small act can spread and inspire so many.


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