Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Writing Perfection

Do you have a special place where you write? Maybe a specific pen you use for those handwritten moments?

For me, I still write some of my first drafts with *gulp* a pen and paper. I always use a Sharpie. And for my illustrations? I use a specific drawing notebook with, you guessed it, a Shapie. But I can write/draw pretty much anywhere. Such places include:

* coffee shops (Panera is my favorite!)
* at my computer desk (normal, boring, I know)
* at the mall (it's a quiet mall. Really!)
* in bed. yes, that's not a typo.

And I HAVE to have background noise. Such as watching/listening to NetFlix on my iPhone with headphones. Yay for multi-tasking!  But, If I could have my way, I would love to have a writing room suited specifically for me. And, I would love to have one of these uber cool desk:

chaise lounger contains a desk, flat screen and media storage
Writing on the go. Seriously. Write anywhere, anytime. It's like a Hoveround for
the younger folks. Yes, I did say "folks." On purpose though.

Who needs a room? Shut out the rest of the world with a hooded desk!

So, sitting/standing/walking at my favorite desk, I would need an ultra awesome laptop, right? Not that i'm complaining, since I have a netbook that I LOVE (lightweight, compact, and super long battery life), but who could pass this up?
Although I have to wonder, would this be comfortable to actually
write a book on?

For all those girly girls. Yes, I'm one of these!

A roll out laptop. Just plain awesome, right?

Now, if anyone can find me an edible pen to munch on while I write, i'd be set!

So, what would you have in your perfect writing room? What is your writing situation like now?


  1. Right now, I'm rocking the keys at the kitchen/dining room table. It serves every purpose but dining at. Ideally, I would like my own desk and office with walls and walls of books, guitars, and an amazing sound system to listen to movie scores on.

  2. Donna Milward2/8/11, 12:44 PM

    I'm at my critique partner's work office. I get so much done because it's quiet, but I'm not alone. I have my favorite fellow writer right next to me.

  3. Hello! It doesn't really matter where I write. I can be curled up in the corner of the couch with the fireplace blazing nearby, propped up against pillows on my bed, sitting at the kitchen table, or snuggled on a chair in the living room with my laptop perched on my lap,of course. Susan

  4. I have a few fun spots (that I dream about)...

    Writing young adult: I like to create my own world so I'd love to have a spot in an open field where I'm able to sit with my laptop and create my own space (absolute heaven).

    Writing chick lit: Sitting in a hammock watching the waves rush in. Or sitting at an adorable coffee shop watching the traffic pass by thinking about love.

  5. I do most of my writing in bed, with a cup of coffee and a snack on the nighstand.

    We do have an office, with a real desk and everything, but I due to spacial constraints, I had to pick between having my own desk, or my gigantic drawing table, so I share a desk with the husband. And since working with him around is too distracting, I usually head off to another room.

  6. There seems to be a lot of dining and room and kitchen table writers. I have an office to work out of, but I also have a three year old and a naughty one! I sit at the kitchen table because I like it (it's cozy), but most importantly I can keep an eye on Hurricane Nomi! ;)

    Fun post, Rose!


  7. My fave place is in bed with billows of pillows and a coke zero. Love the laptop. Although that bed/workstation/media center would be fun.

  8. Okay...I now have desk envy. I liked the chaise lounge the best.

  9. Don't ask me how the heck it got started, but on twitter's #kidlitchat last Tuesday, we talked about a writing massage nacho dispensing desk! ;) Now we only need someone to invent it!!!!

  10. I write wherever it's quiet. When the kids are in bed, this is often the dining room table, but when they're around, I write in our bedroom. Once I was even desperate enough to sit at their kiddie table and write with headphones. I have a pic of that somewhere - ha!

    I write on the go, too. Panera is nice - I love the coffee refills - ha! And I like coffee shops, but the novelty of that wears off if you HAVE to do it.

    I dream about a little office with a great old-fashioned desk. It would be in a gable window of some old garrett that had been refinished just enough to spark creativity. And it could look out on the ocean. And...what else? It would come with a personal chef and housekeeper. Why not, while I'm dreaming? Ha!

  11. I write all over the place, but I do concur with Ms. Woolf that every woman needs a room of one's own. Perhaps when my children are older I can find the peace to sit and write more often. Ah, a girl can dream of a room, in a lofty area, with bookshelves full of dusty books that smell of my grandmother's attic. And a laptop, yes, that would be necessary. :)


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