Monday, October 3, 2011

The Rose Boys on Life as an Author's Kid

My boys, Noah, 10, and Caleb, 8, weigh in on what it’s like to live with a writer in the family. I'll be honest: not all their answers are flattering and have shown me a few things I'd like to do better in the mom department. But a couple made me smile. Without further ado, I give you the Rose Boys.

What’s one good thing about having a mom who’s an author?
N: You like books.
C: You get money so we can do special things, like buy our dog, Boo.

What’s one bad thing about having a mom who’s an author?
N: Sometimes, when no one else is at home and I want to do something with you, I can’t because you’re writing your story.
C: You go on your blog and don’t do stuff with us. Not always, but it seems like it.

Describe May B. in one sentence:
N: May B. is scared when the Oblingers don’t come back, so she basically hides in the house.
C: It’s a survival story.

Finish this sentence: At first I thought May B. would be ______ . Now I think _______.
N: Boring. Now I think it’s good.
C: Good and it was good. I knew Mom would be a good author.

Why should boys read this book?
N: More girls should read it, but boys should read it too because she’s not really girly and she doesn’t play with girl toys like My Little Pony.
C: I think girls would read it more. Boys won’t read it because a girl’s in the story. I think it’s good. I don’t care there’s a girl in the story.

Thank you, boys, for sharing your experience with Project Mayhem!


  1. What a great interview! It's nice to hear them say that boys should read it, even though there's a girl in it. And I love that Caleb's favorite part is being able to buy Boo. :)

  2. Kids are always honest, aren't they? Boo is one loved puppy, let me tell you!

  3. Great interview. I know my daughter even at 14 gets frustrated when I'm on my blogs or a live chat and she knows she's bothering me. I loved your boys' answers. They were so honest.

  4. Great interview. I love their one sentence descriptions of May B. :-)

  5. I loved this!! (I wonder what my three boys would say about me as a writer... I'm sure the incessant blogging would get a mention!)

    I can't wait for May B! (I love that Claeb always knew it would be good!!)

  6. I love this so much! Fine fellas you've got there. Which comes as no surprise. xo

  7. :) They're in the crooked teeth and just discovering hair gel stage -- too cute for words.

  8. How cute are they?? My 3 year old is obsessed with one of the "bad guy" rats in my first book. She says, "Killdeer is chubby and cute, Mommy, but he's really bad!" ;)

    Kids are awesome!

  9. Hilary, I love it!

    Noah was rather unimpressed with the whole thing for a long time (he preferred another manuscript I'd written -- a mystery about snickerdoodles) and was sure he wouldn't like May. Glad hear it wasn't so bad. :)

  10. haha! That's wonderful! Those are the fans that matter - and how great that they think you're a terrific author? I can't wait to read May B. myself. :) M

  11. I loved this. Kids are honest about everything aren't they. They don't do 'little white lies' to be kind :-)

  12. so perfect! thanks for posting this

  13. Too cute! I love seeing how proud they are of you :)

  14. That's awesome. I'm afraid if I interview my kids I might get more honesty than I can handle!

  15. That's great! I love that picture. It looks like one is looking at his mirror image.

  16. LOL! I knew this interview was a MUST READ. :) I think my kids would give many of the same answers about the time I spend writing. *blush* My favorite is "Not always, but it seems like it." That sounds like something my daughter would say. Exactly. :)

    I think your example working towards your goals and dreams is a great one for your kids. (At least this is what I always tell myself....)

    Thanks for the fun interview, Caroline and boys! Hang in there, all of you. :)


  17. Aw, really cute interview! I love how honest your boys are, and how they always knew you'd be a great author :) I'm reading your book now on NetGalley, and your sons' one sentence summaries sum it up pretty accurately! Great interview!

  18. Thanks, Tessa. I'm partial to that "hiding in the house" bit. ;)

  19. I love Noah's My Little Pony comment! Glad to hear that May isn't "really girly."

    Fun interview, Caroline.


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