Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winner of Dianne Salerni's The Eighth Day (ARC)

I could not stop reading THE EIGHTH DAY yesterday, so the kids were very nearly late for school. It is a heart-stopper/page-turner and I really don't want to give up my copy. But a promise is a promise, and agrees. So, randomly, our winner is...

I'll be contacting you soon, Suzanne, for your snail mail address. Thanks to all who entered--have a great weekend (watching my favorite team win the Superbowl.)


  1. YAY! I feel like such a--well, a winner! lol Can't wait to give it a read! I'll get you my address pronto, just to make sure you don't change your mind. ;)

    1. Hurray, Suzanne! Let me know if you'd like a set of temporary tattoos to go along with the book. I should receive them on Monday -- although, as I was telling Michael, the first order mysteriously disappeared somewhere between the creation of the tattoos and the shipping of them. Almost as if someone with access to a secret day stole the package to make sure I didn't receive them ...

    2. Haha imagine that! Maybe you forgot to give a certain someone input on the tattoo designs? With a book like this, you really should watch out for that. ;)

      And I would love some! I expect to do a spotlight on the book after I read, and the tattoos would make a fun addition there!

    3. I'm thinking I somebody didn't want me giving secrets away!

      I'll get your mailing address from Michael and send them to you after I get the shipment. (fingers crossed)


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