Monday, January 25, 2016


If Mary Poppins had worked at an elementary school she would’ve been a librarian.

Librarians have some magic in them.  They're enchanted creatures.  They turn libraries into tree forts that children climb and explore through the power of their imaginations.

Along with a slew of other responsibilities, librarians organize author visits.  For most of the school presentations I’ve done, the librarian was the liaison.  The presentations often  took place in the library.  Thus I've had the privilege of spending many hours with librarians and have casually observed how they interact with students, have seen unmistakably how beloved they are.  I’ve witnessed the essential role they play by encouraging children to read. 

One of my favorite librarians was a shining star at a school in West LA.  One year after meeting her, I bumped into a parent whose child attended that same school and she informed me with great sadness that the librarian had been eliminated due to budget cuts.  I was shocked, outraged and disgusted.  Apparently the school library still existed and was open to students.  However, there was no one running it, like a ship with no one at the helm drifting aimlessly toward the principal’s office.

It was hard for me to imagine that school without her busy footsteps, without her cheerful voice, without her love and her enthusiasm, her patience and her expertise.  A novel on a shelf without a librarian is a book without a mother.  A school without a soul.


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  2. I can't believe how many people I have heard say that librarians aren't needed because kids have Google now. But of course, anybody who thinks that a librarian's job is to "look stuff up" has probably never set foot in a library.

  3. A great tribute to some of my favorite people: librarians. I loved the intertwining of text and visuals too.

  4. A nice post about the sometimes much neglected librarian.

  5. Too true, James. When we lived in the US, we ran a campaign to keep our school librarian and we won! A rare, but vital victory. That school still has a library.

    1. Thank you, Eden for doing that. Librarians are more precious that gold.

  6. What a FABULOUS blog. Thank you. Soooo true. I have spoken to over 45,000 school kids with my "Kandide" series of fantasy adventure books, and believe me, Librarians are the divine angels of every school.

    Sadly, they are way underpaid and often the first to be let go.

    They are my heroes.

    Thank you Eden for saving yours.

  7. I love this post! I love librarians too! They are such a heart of the school and to inspire children with a love of reading. I have had such great experiences working with them to coordinate school visits. They are so passionate about books and reading and sharing that passion with their students. My son always loved going to his school's library and talking with his librarian. here's to these Unsung Heroes!


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