Monday, January 2, 2017

Project MG Mayhem: What the Mayhemmers are up to in 2017, compiled by Michael G-G

We're back from our short hiatus--and boy did the time fly by! I thought I'd bring you up to speed about what several Mayhemmers plan for our new year of 2017. Here we go:

Kell Andrews: In 2017 I want to finish writing and revising my current novel, which is the book of my heart. My goal next is to write something for my daughter. She has a hard time finding enough of the books she loves, so I want to write the book of her heart.

Caroline Starr Rose: February 7: Jasper and the Riddle of Riley's Mine publishes!!!!

Jim Hill: I'm teaching a workshop at NESCBWI called "So You Want to Write a Graphic Novel." April 21-23, 2017, Springfield, MA.

Mary Cronin: I'll be teaching two workshops at the New England SCBWI conference in April--
"World-Building: The Power of Setting for LGBTQ Characters" and "Writing about Characters with LGBTQ Parents."

(Looks like this will be a great conference to attend if you want to see Jim and Mary in action!)

Eden Unger Bowditch: I have MG/YA two books coming out in 2017:
May-The Strange Round Bird (Book 3 of The Young Inventors Guild)
October- Fun Things to Do With Dead Animals with my friend, Egyptologist Salima Ikram

Yamile Saied Mendez: My good news is that I'll be graduating from VCFA in January. I'll also be teaching a casual diversity class at the Storymakers conference in Utah in May. Storymakers is the largest writing conference in the state.

Michael Gettel-Gilmartin: Inspired by Caroline's recent post on The Artist's Way, I'm planning to work through the course once more. I was in an Artist's Way group way back in 1998. It'll be interesting to see how my inner artist responds to revisiting Julia Cameron's "spiritual path to higher creativity."

I hope you all have a magnificently creative and wonderfully fulfilling New Year. Thanks for reading and supporting Project Middle Grade Mayhem (now in our 7th year!!!)


  1. Loved seeing what you're all up to. Happy New Year!

  2. Yay guys! Happy New Year and forge on ahead on life's journey.

  3. I'm so happy to hear this, Michael! This inspires me to read the last few chapters... :)

  4. Great news everyone! Love hearing about all of your adventures. Wishing you all the best!

  5. Happy new year to all!

  6. Love to hear what everyone is up to. So much GOOD news. Huzzah!

    Eden, "Fun Things to Do With Dead Animals" made me LOL and I know several young readers who will want this based on the title alone!

  7. I loved reading everyone's good news! I'm also tempted to do the Artist's Way program once I'm back from Vermont. I need all the help I can get staying focused on the writing life.

  8. Thanks so much for the update, Michael! And thanks for the giggle, Jim! That novel is tale told by a young man, detailing the many woes and endless embarrassments that come with having your mother be a famous Egyptologist.


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