Monday, September 25, 2017


There is no denying that the writer’s life can be one of ups and downs. Having the provisions to go the distance, to weather the hard knocks and enjoy the triumphs, takes a variety of resources. One of my go-to resources is podcasts. I can listen to them when I’m driving, cleaning, cooking, or walking; they fill my brain and keep me motivated and stimulated. I’m going to share a few of my favorites today—sustenance for the writing journey!

What It Is:  Co-hosts S. Jae-Jones (JJ) and Kelly Van Sant talk about the writing life/publishing world in a way that covers both the practicalities as well as the lofty ideals of craft. Topics on this informative and fun podcast range from Q&As about social media and queries to craft-based, deep conversations such as “Archetypes: Redemption and Revenge."

What I Like About It:  I love the range. Sometimes I want nitty-gritty lay of the land about publishing, and sometimes I want intellectual conversations on story structure or tropes or characterization. This podcast has it all. I confess I could listen to JJ’s voice all day long, and these two women make their listeners truly feel like part of the conversation.

2) Plotcasters   

What It Is:  “Plotcasters produces a new podcast by author David Macinnis Gill. David teaches writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where he shares craft techniques for writing novels, short stories, non-fiction, and works specifically for children. He’s developed a story construction method called the Sticky Note Plot that he’s sharing in the first few episodes. Later, the podcast will become a mix of short craft lessons on storytelling and interviews with other authors about their techniques.”

Why I Like It: I love structure, and I love getting into detail on the strategies and systems writers use when structuring novels. This one is full of great particulars and tactics on plot. A total craft course!

What it is:  The brainchild of publishing professional Jenn Baker, MiP is a podcast discussing diversity (or lack thereof) in the book publishing industry with other professionals working in-house as well as authors and those in the literary scene. Podcast available on iTunes & Google Play.”

What I Like About It:
A look at this year’s statistics about diversity in published children’s books demonstrates the long-standing and urgent need for more diversity in our field. Listening to MiP allows me to learn and keep current on this very pressing and critical conversation in our field. Jenn Baker interviews authors, editors, agents, design people and more in this informative and wide-ranging podcast.

What It Is:  Literary Agent Jennifer Laughran and her friends dish about the world of Children's Publishing.”

What I Like About It: Jennifer conducts her interviews with ease and humor. In each one, I feel like she is giving me the “real deal” of whatever topic is being covered that week, from what to expect at a writers conference to what a publicist does, to word lengths in various genres. Jennifer’s guests include authors, agents, editors and publicists, and I come away with new understandings each time I listen.

There are so many wonderful podcasts out there for children's book creators and professionals... what are your favorites?


  1. I have just discovered podcasts--my wife is a huge fan. Thanks for the recommendations for yet more!

  2. You are so welcome, Michael! Enjoy!

  3. I've been looking for good writing podcasts. Thank you for this!!


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