Thursday, April 5, 2018


Have you been having a hard time writing recently?  Don’t worry.  Instead, feel honored.  Your imagination was temporarily removed from your body by aliens. 

The half hour operation was performed while you were fast asleep.  Your imagination is located in the center of your heart.  Western science has yet to discover this obvious fact.  The aliens do not intend to dissect or destroy your imagination.  Far from it.  They revere your creativity and are hoping to harness its awesome power in the name of cosmic love. 

Your imagination has been taken to a planet whose inhabitants have lost the capacity to dream of a better life.  All fun and creativity have come to a grinding halt.  Depression and despair reign.  On this planet there are two hundred wells, from which the inhabitants draw all their drinking water.  Your imagination will be placed in a golden bucket and lowered for five minutes into each well.  Your creativity will seep into every molecule of water.  When the inhabitants take a sip, there imaginations will instantly be reactivated and the great shadow will be lifted from their civilization.  At that point, your imagination will be placed back in your body and your writer’s block will come to an end.  I hope this clears things up.


  1. Thank you, that's comforting. I'm glad to know my imagination is helping someone, because it hasn't been doing me any good recently. ☺️

  2. Oh, thank goodness! Resting easier now, thanks.


Thanks for adding to the mayhem!