Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Middle Grade Boxed Set, with Chris Eboch

Boxed e-books sets are everywhere these days. Romance readers can get collections of historical romances, paranormal romances, bad boys, etc. Mystery authors join in collections of comic mysteries, thrillers, or hard-boiled crime. While sometimes a collection contains several books by a single author, more often each book is by a different author.
Middle grade boxed sets have been less common, perhaps even nonexistent. DD Roy, founder of Casey Shay Press in Austin, Texas, decided to change that and bring out The Adventure Collection of MG novels. Because of her publishing experience, and a connection with an iTunes representative, she would handle the formatting, design, accounting, and publicity. She is also the author of one of the books in the collection.

The Adventure Collection is now out on iBooks and available for pre-order everywhere else for $.99.

Why We Did It

How can six novels sell for only 99 cents?

For one thing, the promotional price and the shared marketing mean that the volume of sales can be much greater than any one author makes on a single title. Even with that money divided six ways, everyone earns something. The collection will be available for a limited time, and then we'll discuss whether or not we want to keep it up.

The visibility is more important than sales for many participating authors. The hope is that readers who enjoy one novel will look for others by the same author. Perhaps they'll post reviews or tell friends about their favorite books in the collection.

This marketing angle is especially useful for authors sharing the first book in a series. Readers who like the first book may want more of that series. In our collection, Priscilla the Great, by Sybil Nelson, is the first book in a series about a girl who can shoot fire from her fingers and must save her family from genetically enhanced assassins. DD Roy’s novel Jinnie Wishmaker is about a girl who can grant wishes but can't control the results. It launches a series about kids with magical powers that don't always work the way they're supposed to.

Other books in the collection have sequels coming soon. Operation Golden Llama, by Sam Bond, is about five cousins searching for ancient gold and a mysterious grandma in the Peruvian jungle. The second in the Cousins In Action series, Operation Tiger Paw, is due for release in November. Angels Club, by Courtney Vail and Sandra J. Howell, is about a girl who bonds with a scrawny rescue horse. Angels Club 2: The Trouble with Boys features different POV characters and will be out this winter.

Unfortunately, my only series, Haunted, is published by Aladdin (Simon & Schuster). Even if they had been willing to allow The Ghost on the Stairs to be used in the bundle, it would have taken far too long to get the proper permissions. Therefore, I included The Genie’s Gift, a fantasy adventure drawing on the Arabian Nights stories, since I have all the rights to that book. Maybe readers who like The Genie’s Gift will check out my historical mystery, The Eyes of Pharaoh, or my Mayan adventure, The Well of Sacrifice.
Even books without sequels can help increase author name recognition and provide a boost to the author's other titles. Jennifer Bohnhoff’s historical drama, Code: Elephants on the Moon, is about an outcast girl in Normandy during World War II. Perhaps interested readers – or teachers – will follow up with her second historical novel, the Civil War drama The Bent Reed. We felt it was worth a chance.

How It Worked

Since the collection is new, it's hard to say what the results are yet. However, before this writing, we had already hit 100 sales on Apple. Some sales won't show up until the collection officially goes on sale. And of course, it will be hard to judge if/how sales of the collection increase sales of other books by each authors. Readers might take months to actually get around to reading each individual book in the collection. In addition, there are many variables affecting sales numbers – normal fluctuations in sales patterns, holidays, other promotions.

Hopefully we'll be able to draw some conclusions. (If there is interest, I'll follow up in a couple of months.) Maybe we'll even make some money off of our shares of the collection. Regardless, it's a fun experiment and we are sure to learn something. Plus, I've gotten to meet some new middle grade authors, and I'm already enjoying my own copy of the collection.

The Adventure Collection is only 99 cents for a limited time. It was released on iBooks early for a special promotion. You can pre-order it everywhere else and it will automatically arrive on your devices on October 7. Preorders are guaranteed at the $.99 price.


Chris Eboch writes fiction and nonfiction for all ages, with 20 traditionally published books and three self-published titles for children. Learn more at


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to build community--both of writers and readers. Thanks, Chris, for introducing me to this.

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I'm seeing more and more authors do boxed sets so there must be something to it. :)

  3. Great idea, Chris! I hope this effort gets books into the hands of eager readers. :)


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