Friday, October 4, 2013

Tina Nichols Coury on School Visit Promo Videos

If you attend the Los Angeles or New York SCBWI conferences, chances are you've seen Tina dressed up for the costume contest or interviewing authors and illustrators in the hallways for their tips of the day. Today she shares a promotion tip for getting school visits.

Promotion Tip of the Day: School Visit Promo Video

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to bring up my cyber presence on the internet.  After my book came out May 2012 I found myself hired continually for book fairs and school visits.  Being a book trailer producer, I thought a good way to get my message out there would be to make a trailer for my school visits (click highlighted text to see the video).  To make one for yourself there are a few things to remember.  

  • Make a school visit promo under 1 1/2 minutes.  
  • Use royalty free music.
  •  Get photo permission from schools to use kids.
  •  Make sure you put an easy contact phone number at the end.  A lot of my school visits came from my easy contact number.

Tina Nichols Coury is an author, award winning multi-media artist, blogger, producer of book trailers and all around Renaissance woman.  Tina’s Book Trailers.

Tina grew up in Los Angeles as the youngest of four children. Her single mom worked in the school cafeteria where she perfected the art of making Sloppy Joes. During her twelve years of parochial school, Tina found writing a sure way to impress the nuns. In third grade, Tina wrote her first play, What Santa Wants for Christmas, and the class performed it.

Her debut picture book, Hanging Off Jefferson's Nose: Growing Up on Mt. Rushmore, won the Silver Honor Winner Eureka Award 2012, is a Grand Canyon Reader Award Nominee 2014, Goodreads Top Ten Books to Buy 2012 and named by the National Council for Social Studies Best Children’s Book List 2013.  Download her acclaimed Common Core Curriculum guide.

Tina loves to perform for schools, libraries, community events, book festivals, conferences, and fundraisers. Her award-winning book, Hanging Off Jefferson's Nose, about the boy who helped build Mount Rushmore, resonates with young audiences.  Tina lives on the beach in Oxnard, California where she reads, writes, paints, and watches dolphins play in the ocean.


  1. Wow! After watching that video, I'd rush off to sign Tina up in a heartbeat. Great production, engaging, and--as you say--easy way to contact Tina. Thanks for the informative post, Tina and Chris!

  2. Great idea! I've never thought of doing this, but will add it to the list


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