Monday, November 30, 2015


Finding the perfect title for your novel can be a daunting task.  Here are a few suggestions that might make the process easier:

1.  Ask Winnie the Pooh to stick his head into a jar of honey to see if there are any good titles hiding inside.

2. Break into the fortress of the Wicked Witch of Literature and open the cupboard in the dining room beneath the shrunken head of Edgar Allan Poe.  You’ll find a good title there along with some really cool bookmarks.

3. Slay two dragons and a Cyclops.  Then you’re title will appear to you in a dream but it will be written in a language you don’t understand so you’ll need a translator to accompany you into your dream which is quite complicated and expensive but who said a good title was cheap?

4.  Ask your husband for a title.  Bribe him with a coconut cream pie.  If that doesn’t work, throw in some brownies.

5. Dance to Bruno Mars for four straight hours.  A good title will pop into your head.

6. Let your dog sniff your book to catch the scent of your plot and immediately take it for a walk.  It will lead you to a good title, especially if it’s a Pomeranian, who seem to have a knack for that sort of thing.

6.  Write a letter to the President, requesting a title for your MG novel.  The letter will return unopened.  Toss it into the fireplace and the smoke rings will spell out the letters of your title.  That always works. 

In other words, don’t take this too seriously.  Don’t stress out about your title.  Keep working on your novel and a kick ass title will come to you one day out of nowhere.  I guarantee it!


  1. Or...wait and wait and let your editor help. :)

  2. True mayhem in this post. I think I'll try the smoke rings.

  3. I could help. I am pretty good with titles and suggested one to an author once and it turned out to be the one she picked. Got a pleasant surprise when I saw the title when she talked about sending it to agents. Titles are my thing so please don't hate me. Maybe I am just the translator from the third scenario and can just translate things on the fly.

    Again please don't hate me. Love this post it made me laugh.

    1. I am right there with you Sheena-kay! I love love making titles and have to have one before I start writing :)

  4. Oh, is this a hoot! Thanks for the laugh! I have wrung my hands alongside many author friends making lists of possible titles as their publisher shoots each one down. Funny enough I always have the title before I write the book - it's guide for me. I've been lucky and haven't had them changed yet by a publisher! But now can you help me with the "sagging middle" that always plagues me? :)


Thanks for adding to the mayhem!