Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MG book to movie - your favorites?

You find a lot of different opinions about movie adaptions of books amongst authors and readers:

NooooooOOO stinky adaptions! Books are for BOOKS and not for filmsies! You are so tricksy!

Movie adaptions are de BOMB and we love them!
Just the movie, thanks. Book = no way!

(I think some authors are afraid of this last one the most.)

And so on.

I think that movie adaptions are definitely not all bad. I like the idea of kids (and I've known a few) reading the books afterwards to find out the 'real story'. I like the idea of that continuous promotion and the "now in film!" stickers they find to put on them. I like the idea of the extra money the author gets for selling the rights.

That being said, there are drawbacks. The random plot. The hatchet job. Low sales. The worst aspect of it for me is the change in your imagination. I had a very clear picture of Harry in my mind before I saw the movie. After, it had changed, and I didn't know if I liked that.

What are your favourite film adaptions? One that you saw before you read the book? One that you thought actually worked from the book? One that was so far off the track you wondered if they'd actually even read it?

Mine are, hands-down:

1. LOTR (I actually went & read the books *after* seeing the movie. I liked the movie better, ha!) I'm going to count this one because I know that the Hobbit (mg) will be every bit as good if not better.

2. Harry Potter (while they did not have all the details, I think everything was good. But what was up with Daniel Radcliff's eyes? HELLO, green!)3. The Black Stallion (while the plot was mostly there, I'll admit it. I watched it for Cass Ole)

Honorary mention: Where the Red Fern Grows. The dogs. Were. Gorgeous. Rats of Nimh was also super.

What are your favourite MG film adaptions? Will Harry Potter win? Stay tuned....


  1. Narnia and HP, of course. I don't really consider LOTR MG, but I guess it could be. I love those films too. I also love Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Bridge to Terabithia, Series of Unfortunate Events, Spiderwick Chronicles. Never read Rats of NIMH but it's one of my fave films!

  2. Oh PK! Well done! I haven't seen Diary of a Wimpy Kid yet. I need to get that rented! And also not Spiderwick Chronicles...thanks for setting me up for weekend watching! :)

  3. Hmm. I loved The Golden Compass, but for some reason they're not making the rest in that series. I guess it was too controversial, or maybe the movie just flopped.

  4. Matt, I couldn't finish that movie, though I really liked the book. And Daniel Craig. I wonder how the films lost their spark?

  5. Have to admit a fondness for the Anne of Green Gables movie with Megan Follows, mainly because the actress fit my idea of the character. The movie resulted in a lot of Montgomery's work being rereleased, which was great.

  6. I think that movie adaptions are definitely not all bad.. and i like the idea of the extra money the author gets for selling the rights..

  7. In regards to Harry's eyes. I believe (and I could be wrong) that Dan couldn't wear the green contacts because of a reaction so Harry had blue eyes for the films. That didn't bother me, as long as there were references to him having "his mother's eyes."

    I love Alfonso Cuaron's film adaption of "A Little Princess." Beautiful film, Miss Minchin is perfect, and I cry every time I watch the ending.

  8. OMG yes. I'm continuously amazed by how accurate the HP movies are -- lines taken right fromthe books! (I'm sure it's every author's dream, haha.)

    And somehow I missed the fact that Rats of NIMH and Black Stallion have a movie. Must Google.

  9. Though the Rats of NIMH movie was far different than Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, I still loved it. I thought it was a great movie, but they tried to add magic, etc, to it, and that was just not needed. Still a great adaptation! ;)

  10. I loved how the LotR adapted the books. I'm a fan of movies that don't try and follow the book exactly, but tweak it to capture the heart of the film for the big screen. For example, I really didn't like the Narnia films, because I think they did them as books, whereas I think LotR said: OK. This is a movie. What do we need to change to make it fantastic?

    One movie that did not work is the cartoon for Watership Down. Freakiest. Scenes. Ever.

    I also liked the first few Anne movies, although later on they totally left the books behind - ha!

    Other ones that worked for me: Holes. Ella Enchanted (though I never read the book - I loved the movie!). Princess Diaries. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Westing Game. And The Princess Bride is amazing, even though the book is so much fun and better, the movie is still great!

    I remember hearing Steven Gould in the special features talk about the film adaptation for Jumper. I really appreciated how he said he viewed the film as a completely different product and was just happy people might pick up the book as a result of it. I thought that was a great perspective and is usually how I approach book to movie stuff.

    Has anyone seen the new Ramona movie?

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  12. Definitely Harry Potter!


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