Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Writing On The Gooooooooooo!

When it's close to a vacation, do you find yourself picking up that laptop or finding the computer nearest you to get in a few extra words to your story? Or maybe your vacation is the perfect spot to motivate your creativity?
I write pretty much everywhere I go, vacation or not. Any time I plan on being away from home, I keep a small notebook and pen in my bag just in case. There's really no limit to places where you can write. Swimming pools, parks, skating rinks, etc. While some writers may prefer peace and quiet, I always do better with background noise.
Tips to keep in mind when writing away from home:
1. Be prepared. Sometimes we don't think to bring laptop, especially if you're not "thinking" you'll writing. You never know when creativity will strike, right? So keep a notebook in your car, napkins in your glovebox (been there!) and a few pens.
2. Voice recorders are your friends. And they can be just as useful. Most phones have one so they're prefect to use in a pinch. However, it may be harder to use this in a noisy area. And if you're comfortable with others listening to you. Oh, and these are especially handy when you're on a real live ghost hunt doing book research (and recorders are VERY common on these types of outings!)
3. Type your words out once you do get to a computer. I don't know how many times i've had to search for a missing Post It or I completely forget and then lose by accident.
What are some of the more unusual places you found yourself writing? Any tips to share?
By Rose Cooper


  1. I keep a small notebook in my purse, but I'm not much a purse person. I hate carrying one, so I avoid it when I can. And of course those are the times I need to write something down! But there's almost always a pen or paper around no matter where you are. Napkins and crayons in restaurants are my friends. Text messaging is a lifesaver too!

  2. I tend to use holidays as inspiration times; I try to soak in as much as possible (and take a tonne of photos. That annoying snap happy tourist who ruined your most recent landmark experience? That was me :P).

    On a side note, I totally read the post title as "Writing on the goo" and my reaction was a mix of 'Eugh!' and 'Awesome!'

  3. I used to keep a notebook in my car, but almost got in an accident so I stopped doing that and now record notes on my phone! It's so much easier, if not safer! :)

  4. I have the junkiest, most old school phone, but I'm still constantly texting myself when an idea comes to mind.

  5. I carry a little notebook for ideas. And when I travel I usually have a computer with me or more recently an Ipad--which is fine for writing if you have an external keyboard.

  6. Yeah, notebook always with me, and I use the memo feature on my phone as well (then I can email the memo to my email later on). I actually write few pages once on my phone (it's a Palm Pre) and saved it as a Word doc and then emailed it to myself. Copied and pasted it in my MS later on. Ah, technology.


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