Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trauma Queen WINNER!

I know you're just dying to know  the winner of this awesome MG book, Trauma Queen by Barbara Dee. Sorry for keeping you in suspense. Congratualations to Jessie Humphries!   Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

So Jessie, are you jumping up and down and shouting to the world how awesome you are? Well, when you take a breath, please email me with your mailing address! Contact me at

Thank you to everyone who commented and entered this contest!


  1. Good Post this one..nice to see this here..well shared here..thanks for sharing here with us.

  2. Yee hah! Yes, jumping up an down. No, screaming to the world how awesome I am. But thanks for the suggestion. AND thanks for the prize. I am so stoked.

  3. CONGRATS to the winner!


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